NTT Docomo

We had a crazy time building the seating for the stadium. It was lots of detail and created in MODO. Then imported to Houdini by ALtVFX for the crowd effects and comping it into place. Great work by AltVFX team !

Pokemon Sun And Moon Yoshida

Fun commercial for Pokemon game Sun and Moon. We were tasked to concept the environment and also model one of the great pokemon characters. Models created in MODO and sculpted in Zbrush. Materials are done in Substance painter and other parts in Photoshop. Rest of the comp and FX done by AltVfx.

Pepsi MomoTaro

We had a great time working with Denzil Oneil to model and block concept the Massive Oni for this Pepsi Nex commercial aired in Japan. Denzil did the first pass of the model and then we reiterated the models detailing on a lot of close up areas. Textiuring, Effects and comping done by AltVfx.

Pepsi Nex

We helped supervise and guide a number of artists in modelling, sculpting and detailing a snumber of dinosaurs for the Pepsi Nex commercials. It was a massive challnge gettting it done in 3 months and lots of quick detailing. Thanks to Denzil Oneil and other folks that helped out modelling. Texturing, comping and the rest done by the amazing AltVFX team.

Qantas Rover

Great commercial for the Qantas rover. We were tasked to create the super high detail model of the rover head and arm. Lots of complicated machinery parts with help of Denzil Oneil modelling the arm parts and us adding model details. Texturing and comp done by AltVFX.

Pepsi Nex Raptors

Commercial for Pepsi Nex. We were the lead modeller for the Dinosaurs for these series. Modelled and sculpted the raptors. The TRex was modelled by Denzil Oneill from ID Software and last detailing retouched by Pixel Forte. Textures and comp and animation by AltVFX.


Nice quick project that involved a number of people in Modelling Cafe Japan. We helped create the stage and environments and sculpted fences for the close up parts. Nice and fun work and tuned out great at the end.

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